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Problem Statement

At the end of each academic year, teachers evaluate their students’ performance but schools often do not have a mechanism for evaluating teacher performance. Kelley Spence wanted to do something about this to ensure quality education and learning experiences for her children.


While Kelley Spence’s teachers and instructors had helped her grow into a confident, strong and independent individual, she felt her kids were not experiencing the same kind of learning from their teachers. She was of the view that teachers play an important role in an individual’s professional and personal development. Hence, they should be provided feedback on their performance so they can improve and create an environment that stimulates growth and learning for the students.

This was a challenge for Kelley as she couldn’t find a platform where she or her children could provide feedback on teachers’ performance. She proposed the idea of creating a web portal where students and parents could search for schools and teachers and grade them based on their performance.


Our team helped Kelley in producing a web portal according to her requirements and also developed an application for it. The portal and app caters to two users: students and parents. These users can grade teachers here based on 10 questions. Any user on the app can also view overall grading of teachers from both students and parents. In case a certain school or teacher are not available on the app, the product also allows users to add any school or teacher.


Teaching Side by Side is a platform where students and parents can provide their feedback on teachers’ performance in order to improve classroom environment and provide students with growth and development opportunities.

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