Declare Is A College Student’s Fast Pass
To Multiple College Degrees.

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Problem Statement

With the numerous options available to students for minors in a university, it becomes a complicated process when trying to figure out which minors can be opted for. Students often prefer opting for minors that require courses already being studied. However, it is a tedious process to go through all the minors being offered and look for the one that overlaps with the courses being studied. Hence, it is quite challenging for students to find and select the minor options that they qualify for based on the courses they are studying.


This project was quite complex in terms of designing and implementing a promising approach to identify accurate minors for the courses or degree program selected. With our team’s expertise, we were able to develop a system that provides accurate results for both current and prospective students. Moreover, it also uses an automated process for storing data from undergraduate university catalogs and arranging it according to the degree plans provided in the catalogs.


Declare is a web portal as well as a mobile application that enables current as well as prospective students to identify minor options based on the degree program they select. This product has two users: current and prospective students. A current user is required to select the courses s/he is currently studying and minors are identified based on those courses. A prospective student selects his or her degree program he is planning to study and minor options based on the predefined degree plan are identified.

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