Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is like a contest where organic creativities always win. It starts with a collaborative, results-driven strategy that
outlines a brand’s digital goals and communicates agile and creative tactics for success. Crewlogix Technologies believes
in helping clients reach out to and engage with audiences in ways other agencies properly don’t, by
distinctively integrating the skills and specialisms of strategy and design with best practices of technology
and marketing. Every campaign we execute is focused on ROI. Depending on your explicit objectives and target
audience, our team of seasoned professionals can recommend a digital marketing strategy that will surely yield
the results you desire. We believe in digital innovation for the best human experiences.

Our Offerings

Digital Strategy
We identify digital opportunities and deploy campaigns geared towards enhancing competitive advantage for various brands and products. We also capitalize on business benefits of data
Creative Strategy
We discover effective business and brand needs and then strive to leverage consumer and industry insights to produce custom solutions that deliver the preferred results.
Social Media Marketing
We help brands and products attain organic traffic results and take center stage through social media sites and by producing content that draws attention and encourages sharing across all social media platforms.
Influencer Marketing
We pinpoint and target key individuals to create an influence in order to drive your brand’s message to a larger market.
Media Buying & Planning
Depending on the target audience, campaign objectives and the product or brand being promoted, we organize, negotiate and purchase the inventory as per the need.
Content Marketing
With the intention of catching the eye of the relevant audience, we create, curate and distribute persuasive and captivating content to preserve a clearly-defined target.
Search Marketing
For traffic generation, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through unpaid or free listings, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to buy traffic by means of paid search listings.
Digital Campaigns
& Activations
We research, create, and execute technology-enabled campaigns for successful outcomes.


Origami provided an amazing UX based design that is comparable, if not better, than some well known design studios, but at a much lower rate.

ORIGAMI STUDIOS has established new standard in design! Origami exceeded my expectations and delivered designs that met all my requirements. They're a strong professional team that has great UI/UX skill. This is noticable in every step of their process, from start to finish. I'm so pleased with Origami; I can't wait to start working on my next design project with Origami.

Tony George
I approached the task of rebuilding the website for my non-profit with a huge amount of trepidation. Until I met the Origami team - what an amazing group of people!

ORIGAMI brought a wealth of ideas and expertise to the table, every question was patiently answered, every email promptly responded to. Working with this team was an incredible experience and I can't praise them enough. These are the folks you want in your corner for all your web and digital needs.

CNN anchor/Founder of W.E. Can Lead
Mash Stories - According to their latest Newsletter, Mash team says it all:

‘The Mash Stories website just got an upgrade! It's clean, it's fast, and it showcases work of Mashers around the world on the most beautiful platform we could make.’

Mash Stories

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