Mobile Strategy

With the growth of overall mobile ecosystem, on-the-go browsing and information exchange,
it is quintessential to provide a consistent omni-channel user experience. An intuitive and experiential UX
enhances the engagement, generates recall and increases retention. Our mobility solutions aim to provide compelling
multi-channel UX after extensive user research, design modelling and tailored application development for all platforms.


Brainstorming, planning and most early
adjustments done from the start.


Where ideas begin to take shape. We
iron out the shortcomings to develop
world-class applications.


Rigorous testing to make sure everything
runs as smoothly as planned.

Our Process


Design Discovery & Competitive Analysis

Our top and experienced designers join heads to come up with an intuitive
and brand-relative design for you. We highlight key objectives before
beginning any project and make sure we understand who the design is
for, and what is required from us. We make sure that you get the best
approach to setting up your business using leading design trends for
any of your projects!


Personas & User Journey Map

We meticulously plan and devise approaches to better understand
our customers from all key demographics and work on designs
specifically to cater to their requirements. We follow analytical
approaches to build user personas and integrate key touch-points.
Tailor-made just went online!


Wire-frames & Prototypes

The basic groundwork for any design begins with first drafts – ours
are wireframes and mock-ups. These help us and you visualise how your
product will eventually turn out to be and aid in the theoretical
development process to come. Mobile application designs go through
this process to streamline any irregularities that may come up in
final versions.


Usability Audit & Test Reports

We’ve employed various usability principles that help us analyse
the efficiency and effectiveness of the interface. We ensure to
streamline any red flags from the generated audit report. This
measures how viable the application design will be once online and
ready to go.



All previous drafts and wire-frames are now built into clear and concise designs that aren’t too far off from the end product. Staying true to the times, our team of experienced visual designers ensures everything that goes out, meets modern standards with highly intuitive user interface designs while still focusing on your brand’s philosophy and objectives.


Origami provided an amazing UX based design that is comparable, if not better, than some well known design studios, but at a much lower rate.

ORIGAMI STUDIOS has established new standard in design! Origami exceeded my expectations and delivered designs that met all my requirements. They're a strong professional team that has great UI/UX skill. This is noticable in every step of their process, from start to finish. I'm so pleased with Origami; I can't wait to start working on my next design project with Origami.

Tony George
I approached the task of rebuilding the website for my non-profit with a huge amount of trepidation. Until I met the Origami team - what an amazing group of people!

ORIGAMI brought a wealth of ideas and expertise to the table, every question was patiently answered, every email promptly responded to. Working with this team was an incredible experience and I can't praise them enough. These are the folks you want in your corner for all your web and digital needs.

CNN anchor/Founder of W.E. Can Lead
Mash Stories - According to their latest Newsletter, Mash team says it all:

‘The Mash Stories website just got an upgrade! It's clean, it's fast, and it showcases work of Mashers around the world on the most beautiful platform we could make.’

Mash Stories

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