Product Design

We have what it takes to build a great product.
Crewlogix Technologies offers range of services for the entire product development lifecycle that covers
all phases of product development right from design to operations and maintenance. By using the shared knowledge
and proficiency of highly-skilled experts, deep domain knowledge and management staff owning extraordinary on-time
delivery competencies, we deliver unswerving value and substantial ROI. We help our clients to convert their ideas
into market realities by means of resolving most complex engineering challenges. We also work with
reputable enterprise companies to take their products and market shares to greatest levels of success.

Our Process


Discovery Sprint

To launch a new project or recuperate an existing one, you need
a great leap into your vision, metrics, competitive space, and
audience. The objective of the Discovery Sprint is pretty simple:
find and translate a problem worth resolving. In Discovery Sprint,
we leverage the front-line trends in business model design, design
thinking, customer development, and lean startup to motivate you
towards adopting a viable business solution for your product idea.


Design Sprint

The design sprint is a well-thought-out program designed to
solve and test design problems to validate the product. The
design sprint helps in creating innovative solutions that is
produced with a well-organized planning conducted by a team
of veterans. It is in fact the first and foremost step taken
before launching any new feature or product, as it is designed
to decrease the cost to validate. We generate loads of possible
solutions to any problems that may arise, prototype the best one,
verify it and then deploy it for solving them. It is a rapid,
powerful as well as a cost-cutting program that enables minimizing
the implementation cost.



Our minimum viable product (MVP) stage enables you to outline
and implement the strategy and planning needed to build and
launch the production version of your website or mobile app
(product) within a matter of a few weeks. This product has just
enough features to infer validated learning about your product
throughout its developmental stage.


Lean Branding

Once the product is up and running, you need professional
branding to attract customers. Traditional branding projects
may take several months before they start giving desired
results. Origami’s lean branding strategy focuses on getting the
work done in only weeks! Moreover, with workshops and continuous
iterations, we help you erect a simple, yet doable brand framework
that evolves and grows with your pace.



Our pre-accelerator program enables you to comprehend
the challenges of early stages of your startup, starting right from
concept to MVP (minimum viable product). It is a rigorous and systematic
program that uses contemporary methodologies to deliver you with the
knowledge and tools needed to join the up-and-coming league prior to
you spending a considerable time and effort in evolving your business.


Origami provided an amazing UX based design that is comparable, if not better, than some well known design studios, but at a much lower rate.

ORIGAMI STUDIOS has established new standard in design! Origami exceeded my expectations and delivered designs that met all my requirements. They're a strong professional team that has great UI/UX skill. This is noticable in every step of their process, from start to finish. I'm so pleased with Origami; I can't wait to start working on my next design project with Origami.

Tony George
I approached the task of rebuilding the website for my non-profit with a huge amount of trepidation. Until I met the Origami team - what an amazing group of people!

ORIGAMI brought a wealth of ideas and expertise to the table, every question was patiently answered, every email promptly responded to. Working with this team was an incredible experience and I can't praise them enough. These are the folks you want in your corner for all your web and digital needs.

CNN anchor/Founder of W.E. Can Lead
Mash Stories - According to their latest Newsletter, Mash team says it all:

‘The Mash Stories website just got an upgrade! It's clean, it's fast, and it showcases work of Mashers around the world on the most beautiful platform we could make.’

Mash Stories

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