Franchises & Retail

Given how tumultuous the retail industry can be,
not everyone understands the complexity of this
industry’s needs. However, working with Nestle, Shell
and Johnson & Johnson has given us the experience
that is specific to franchises & retail.
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Sports & Gear

Working with One Life Diet has given us the
knowledge of how sensitive the sports and fitness
industry is; providing accurate results depends on
how the application for users is engineered.


We have delivered outstanding results when
working with FMCGs such as Nestle, TUV and many
more. These companies have enabled us to improve
our standing as a software developer in this industry.


Having the appropriate blend of strategy and
technology, this is another vertical we have ventured
in and developed a satisfied customer base. From the
compelling graphics to a great engaging experience,
our engineers have a great grasp at all ends.


With the growing need for automating academic
processes and activities, our team expertise can
provide consultancy as well as development solutions
for this industry. Serra Catholic, We Can Lead and
Declare are some of the projects including many others
which have helped automate the education industry.


We partner with companies, development and nonprofit
organizations to design, develop and deploy digital
software solutions for the agriculture, livestock and
meatpacking industry.